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Physical Books
Send me a message if you would like a physical books, please contact me. They will be listed soon.The new branding is looking good and it will be uploaded.
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Writers Retreat by the Lake, new home for Cynthia Carver, nomad,
I've moved!
That's right, I will be stationary until November. During this time, I will be traveling to holistic and psychic fairs, along with the book events. Did I tell you I can gaze at the lake from my deck? It is so peaceful at night with the moon on the wa...
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Monroe, Michigan Psychic & Holistic Expo
Psychic Medium, Cynthia Carver will be reading bones at the FMB Expo Center at the Monroe County Fairgrounds, 3375 S. Custer, Monroe, Michigan on March 2 & 3, 2024. Each day at 1:00pm she will speak on Dream Interpretation. Her books are availabl...
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Live Event - March 2 & 3, 2024
Saturday, March 2 – Sunday, March 3FMB Merchant Center at Monroe County FairgroundsRock Your World, LLC Over 60 vendors gather offering products on body, mind and spirit. Come get an aura photo, health and wellness products, shop crystals or experie...
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The Cyclone Bomb hit
This winter hit all of us harder than December lead us to believe it would be. The 4-legged's and I continue to live to live east of the Mississippi. I know, I swore that wouldn't happen to us this year and unseen circumstances declared it to happen....
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We're moving in ...
We've painted, added the art work, now loading the merch, and connecting to BookFunnel for your convenience.Join my facebook reader's group Cynthia Carver Reader Group. It will ask you three questions, and you will have to answer them. FYI- the prota...
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August 2023 - Why I chose PayHip.
After months of frustration with trying to set up a store on my website, and not convinced Shopify was the ideal choice for me, I chose PayHip. It is still under construction, and the digital book delivery is still being tested. Now you have a choice...
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