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The Cyclone Bomb hit

This winter hit all of us harder than December lead us to believe it would be. The 4-legged's and I continue to live to live east of the Mississippi. I know, I swore that wouldn't happen to us this year and unseen circumstances declared it to happen. Good news I have heat this winter. The furnace wasunrepairable and I selected an Olympian Wave 8, for those of you who camp in the winter and wonder. Unfortunately, it is the same premise as a Mr. Buddy and I can not leave it going without supervising the pups and kitties. On the positive side, the rig heats up in an hour. The photo is the outdoor temp vs indoor temp when I woke.

Good news, it's almost 60 degrees now :)

The Collection books 1-4 in the Shamaness in Silhouette series is due for release February 27, 2024. The book 5 titled Acceptance, is due to be released in March. Acceptance is a full sized novel.

This year's events are abundant. You will find podcasting, psychic fairs, and book events listed at

This month I'm not including recommendations, it's all about me. Join my reader's group for an evening of psychic readings. My PA, Sara, will hold the cue for us. This are not the micro readings you receive at the book events but a mini reading.

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