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Cynthia Carver

Cynthia Carver  was born in Dayton, Ohio to M├ętis parents. Her family settled on a farm in western Ohio where she spent her high school years. She grew up baling hay, riding horses, writing in her journal, camping and going to powwows. After high school, Cynthia joined the United States Navy to travel the world. She landed in Hawaii and on the California coast. Whether she lived on base or off, her residence was haunted. Now, she puts a paranormal spin on everything she does whether it is camping, ghost hunting, or writing.

She retired from being an online psychic of thirty years in 2017, and recently decided to return to doing live readings. Check her event page for her book signings and or psychic readings and Women's Circle.


I am dedicated to helping veterans reprogram their subconscious to accepting their achievements and to move past the old programming that replays daily.

The subliminals are not guaranteed, but they have helped me and I thought I would share. We each deserve increased happiness and to move past the old.

Non-veterans report change when listening to these subliminals on a daily basis and show signs of change within 2 - 4 weeks. (I showed signs of change within two weeks.)

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