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Tracy’s life falls apart, again, when she discovers she’s pregnant with her boyfriend’s second child. Sylvester continues to refuse to accept Tracy's supernatural abilities, and leaves her to fend for herself. 

Learning to be an adult continues to be challenging and she feels as if she adrift without direction. Then she accepts a new position at work, which allows Tracy to keep her infant child close. Only to have the new thieving supervisor change the rules about kids at the workplace.

 When a helpful co-worker takes her to explore a holistic fair, Tracy meets people like herself, who embrace their abilities. They share a reading with Tracy about her brighter future. 

Wide Awake is the journey of teenager, Tracy Richards, who navigates motherhood with one infant and one on the way. With the stress of her job on the line, a co-worker introduces her to like-minded people, and she learns to embrace her supernatural abilities.

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