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Meet Tracy Richards. Mom. Internet Psychic. And Local Crime Solver. Working with the Brule, Ohio Police department, Tracy moonlights as their consultant and solves crimes with the help of her spirit guides.

None of which are that interesting.

– Find a missing Corgi

– Catch porch pirates

– Locate wandering peacocks

– Discover misplaced items

And all the thanks she gets is being called a witch.

There was a reason Tracy found her way to Brule, and now all these years of escaping her past are for naught as it comes rushing back. After seventeen years, her childhood sweetheart, and baby daddy, comes waltzing back in with a case—find his missing niece.

It turns out her daughters have a cousin who’s been kidnapped, and it’s up to Tracy to find her before she disappears for good. With the help of her witchy neighbor Lehana, Tracy sets out on a chase guided only by her intuition and ghosts.

Danger lurks at every pit stop as the clock ticks, and the precious window becomes narrower. This isn’t the first time Tracy has followed visions of someone in danger, but last time, the only thing they recovered was a body. Now driven to save the girl, Tracy knows this is her chance to redeem herself, but when flashes of more girls come to her, Tracy realizes this might not be as simple as a snatch-and-grab.

Can Tracy beat the clock, or is she actually chasing ghosts?

Shamaness in Silhouette Vol 1

The Awakening is the journey of Tracy Richards as a teenager trying to fit into her new high school. Her life falls into place when Sylvester DeGroff, the most popular bad boy, asked her on a date to a Halloween party hosted by his best buddy.

As their first date shows promise, an accident changes Tracy’s life direction. She learns the dead can speak as her ancestors for her awakening.

Tracy Richards has no choice but to embrace her destiny as her journey to a world unseen calls to her. Three ghostly visitors arrive in dramatic fashion and show themselves at the most inopportune times. Each ancestor teaches her how to use an ability awakening within her.

Halloween Masquerade

The weeks leading up to Halloween usually involve buying treats, hosting parties, and decorating your house. But for local psychic-medium, Madam Selena finds her life upended when Steven Remington Wilde the Third walks in and asks for a reading.


A lead psychic investigator that shares fun links for your personal use. You can do yourArmchair Ghost Hunting by Cynthia Carver search for ghosts via webcams on your private computer from an incognito browser page. Watch a webcam at a library after hours and see who appears coming down the stairs, or sits at the table to study. A few of the various sponsored webcams encourage you to share your screenshots of activity you witness.

Cynthia Carver offers multiple links to the actual equipment she used during active investigations. She packed this booklet full of links for your use from the privacy of your favorite armchair.


The Missing Locket

After years of investigation, law enforcement and private investigators declare Eileen Thompson’s case cold.

But this isn’t enough for her son, Sam, nor his wife Danielle Galluccio Thompson, and herCynthia Carver, Author, Paranormal, Suspense, Mystic Realism best friend, Callie Prescot Sanchez. Together, the women seek out psychic investigator Tracy Richards to use her gifts and communicate with Eileen.

Through her spirit guides, Tracy connects with Eileen and is taken through the dark and heart-wrenching story of her death. After years of searching, they finally have their answer to the question: what happened to Eileen Thompson?

Featuring characters from Because of You by Renee Pellegrino and Small Bit of Justice by Cynthia Carver, The Missing Locket is a collaboration that blends two distinct voices and their fictional worlds. Dive into The Séance Series today and unravel the mystery.