Yellow Springs Street Festival

Doc Mary calls and ready for a weekend get away. I tell her, “Sure, I’m up for a spontaneity adventure.” We had discussed a road trip to Michigan, Indiana, or a lake, or the campground we met at years ago. Nothing was decided on, or so I thought.

Road trip slippers were on my feet. I’m looking at the map heading west or north. Nope, Doc Mary is driving and we head southeast. There is a street festival in the small hippie town of Yellow Springs, Ohio. This town never left the 60’s, except Dave Chappelle lives there now. Not a lot is changing, there are still creatives selling their wares, decorating all things tied down or not, and the tiny theater still plays movies. I digress. After walking seven miles with inappropriate shoes on my feet, the soles of my tootsies are blistered. The Lemonade was excellent and I hobble back to the car.

So much for us taking in the local bar and maybe dinner. The only thing I am ready for is a warm bucket of water to soak my feet.

Even with the blisters that lasted a week, I enjoyed myself. The street festival was one day only and I returned the next day to visit a couple of shops that were too crowded to enter during the actual festivities.

Fun was had, even with the ouchy feet.  What fun things have you done?