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Writer to Author

New Writers & Authors – Monday’s at 9 a.m. on YouTube

Support for authors – Author Apprentices Group

Writer to Author podcast is for you the writer with guts to take action and become an author. Authors have determination to get the story onto paper or the monitor screen. Writer to Author is designed to share their 20 plus years of writing and publishing experience to help ignite the creative fire within you. 

Special guest Author interviews that take you behind the scene of a published author, learn how they began, pushed forward, and landed where they are today. Discover the way to success from authors who are getting paid for their work. 

Writer to Author podcast is on how to write your book, edit your book, and publish your book. And then market it. And that’s your book we’ll be talking about, because we’ve already published ours.

Our focus is on you, the writer, the author. This is where we offer tips and tricks on goal setting, time management, and accountability. 

Your host is Cynthia Carver, a paranormal author of magical realism and founder of the facebook group, Author Apprentices. A private group, where all the questions must be answered before your admission is considered. Find us on Clubhouse, too.

Writer to Author is available on your favorite podcasting platform: Spotify