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Halloween Masquerade

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Every Friday night, tarot reader Selena is at Nettie’s Diner doing tarot readings. One September evening, Steven visits her for a tarot reading about his son and the threats against him. Fate intervenes in their destinies and one thing leads to another.



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Hey Cindy. The story was solid and I enjoyed the characters. I laughed at some of their antics and was caught up in how they would solve the crime. I haven’t read a lot in this genre so it was a fascinating read and I enjoyed how you moved Tracy through her visions and back to reality. There were some typos (I know there are some in mine as well). I did get a little lost on the timeline in the prologue as I was surprised the guests were still at the house for the party after all the phone calls and police involvement. I thought it would take more time and that the guests would go home. I could have misread something. It really was a great story and you should be proud of it.  🙂 ~CEA

Cynthia Carver‘s “Small bit of Justice”
In a small town, everyone knows everyone and crime is a rare occurrence, are at least it should be. In novel one we meet Tracy. Tracy is the town psychic by chance. She helps the law close their cases with her bits of insights. But that doesn’t mean she can always help on time.
Sylvester comes back into her and her daughter’s life after a party and asks for help. Tracy must drop everything and find her niece, hopefully before its too late.
The characters all interact on a truly believable level and complement each other’s strengths and weaknesses. Though a little more background on Tracy and her daughters would have been helpful but additional books in the series will probably fill any holes.
I didn’t give this book 5 stars because there were times I was lost on who was talking and who was where during pivotal actions. But I arrived at the end satisfied with what I just read.
If you love shows such as “I, Zombie”, “Elementary” and “Medium” you will love this novel by Cynthia Carver. ~NJF