April’s musings

This month was dedicated to subliminals, the making of them, the using of them, and the results of them. The focus was on “I write 5,000 words a day, now.” Many began the month with me and increased their word count, some even doubled their daily word count. 

The trial offer is a one-hour a day at 7:00 p.m. eastern in Author Apprentices house on the Clubhouse App session. 

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During this time I have completed two novellas and one 50,000 word novel plus began two more. One of the two novellas was edited and now it’s my turn to incorporate the edits into the final draft. The novel is currently at the editors. And the other novella is in a rest mode before I return and make adjustments to it. Overall a very productive month.

Current works are available on Amazon.

AI and other musings

It’s all the rage, use AI ‘they’ say. It’s quicker and blah blah blah.  But do YOU really know where the AI gets all their information for your articles, books, or podcast transcript descriptions?

Articles and books also the art, is plagiarized. AI has scrubbed the web for art and words and then uses them for your prompt article, story, or art. Sure you can take AI articles and rewrite them yet again, but why not just write them by yourself the first time? Why take the chance of copyright fraud? Or worse yet, having a ‘fan’ read your work only to realize they had read it before by a different author?

Art is the same way. Many have the words Getty, iStockphoto, FuriousFotog scrambled into the AI artwork.

I may need to make a game out of the mistakes that I leave in my published works.

Other musings – As always on the top of my list is becoming more consistent. Shamaness in Silhouette Book 4 is now finished and going through the edits. There is not an ETA on its being published live. I published a new youtube video on Roaming Raven RV.


Summer Writer’s Retreat – FR33

Morning Muses on Clubhouse will host their Annual Summer Writer’s Retreat on August 12, 13, & 14. Download the mobile app Clubhouse from the Google Store or Apple Store. This is an audio app only. Yes, you may come in your jammies.

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Summer Writers Retreat

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New covers

The updates were made to Small Bit of Justice and The Missing Locket. I enjoyed the new covers and the new edits on the story lines.

Cynthia Carver, Author, Paranormal, Suspense, Mystic Realism

I have Halloween Masquerade being edited again and ordered a new cover for it.  Shamaness in Silhouette will be released every two weeks after the novella five is edited. Then To Call a Maverick, the love story between Maverick and Ren will have its turn to be edited and published.  This year I’ll see many releases

February 2022

Can you believe it has been four months since I did an update? Why you might ask and I’ve successfully moved into my new rig, had the electric arms of the awning installed, added 1600 watts of solar to the roof, and helped complete the memorial for my friend Mike Ardanaz aka The High Desert Ranger. Whew! Busy, busy.

Now, on to finishing books, setting up book events, and looking for a fan who wants to move into the position as a Personal Assistant. Find me at Patreon, Instagram, or Facebook.

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the Writing Process

The Writing Process – Preptopber 13, 2021


Also known as a habit, whether you develop the practice of writing ten pages a day or continue with the speed of NaNoWriMo at One thousand six hundred sixty seven words a day, the key to being an accomplished writer in my point of view is to continue with one story until it is finished. 

If you can not finish the story, and you constantly go on to the next story idea you have, oftentimes you will find other authors no longer take you seriously in the craft of writing. 

Consistency with word count – Five hundred words consistently written each day will produce a One hundred eighty-five thousand five hundred word tomb by the end of the year.

Regularity with page counts – two pages written each day will produce a seven hundred thirty page epic saga by the end of the year.

Viscosity – using a flow of time to create words of fifteen minutes a day, will produce at least a novel by the end of the year. 

Bullet points to strive for: 

  • Consistency – word count, page count, allotted time
  • Consistency – page count, allotted time, word count
  • Consistency – allotted time, word count, page count
  • Follow through and type “The End” or “The End for Now”


Write for the story. Do not get attached to the outcome of your story. Let me explain, if your goal is two pages a day or five hundred words, sometimes dialogue will fall short of that five hundred, yet you have a full two pages.

So open up your document, set it to your favorite font or use one of mine (Merriweather, Book Antique, Crimson Text) and 12 px font.

Have fun writing and building a new habit.