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You might ask why I am an advocate for Kindle Fire when the other Kindles are more economical.  My daughters bought me my first Kindle Fire without ad’s nearly a decade ago. I joined BookBub for free books and 99cent books. Then in 2014 Kindle Unlimited hit the market and opened up a lot more books, and has been my go-to since then.

You may say I’d rather get my books on Audible and that is certainly an option. What if the book you want to listen to is an ebook only? That is where your Kindle Fire becomes your friend. It is the only Kindle that I am aware of that has the audio option. Sure it is computer generated, but out of the

To enable the text to speech, tap the three dots in the upper right hand corner, additional settings, scroll down and tap the Text to Speech option to the on position.  Return to the book you want to hear read to you, tap in the middle of the screen and the audio bar is on the bottom.  On this bar you can adjust speed of the reader. I like the 1x speed  because I listen slowly 🙂

To change the voices, go into your settings and look for Keyboard Language menu, then Text to Speech, Salli and Joey are the Default USA English options but Brian is the GBR English option. You can download additional voices, too. I use the Salli voice on the 1x speed.

If you are learning to read English, you can download a book with the audio and Kindle Fire will highlight the words as it reads it to you.

Kindle Unlimited is a membership for free for 30 days and then $9.99 +tax thereafter. Giving you unlimited kindle books on this platform. (if the book you want to read is not on this platform, there are plenty of others to choose from). So far, I have only found two authors not listed in Kindle Unlimited (KU), I’m sure there are others. This month alone I have read almost thirty books. A different one each night. After each book you are given the option to do a review. This is always appreciated by the authors and other readers.

Kindle Unlimited pays the author by the book pages you read. If you get a book with 204 pages, read 5 and decide you don’t like the story, you may return it and select another book.Unlimited times! Also, if you like one so well you want to read it again, you can at no additional cost.

Excellent news for parents, there are children’s books available through this program, too. Whether your child is 4 or 14, the option for voracious book readers are here.

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Small Bit of Justice Available on Amazon

Small Bit of Justice available on AmazonSMALL BIT OF JUSTICE, now available on Amazon is the first release of the Tracy Richards, psychic investigator series.

Welcome to Brule, Ohio, where the lost is misplaced, the grocery store is more accurate than a newspaper, and the home of online psychic, Tracy Richards, who is a single mother of two high-school daughters. She finds misplaced items for the police department and her neighbors. Her track record for finding the misplaced has earned her the respect and cooperation of the local law enforcement officers and town residents.

Sylvester DeGroff re-enters her life, only to learn history repeats itself. Despite their past, Tracy agrees to help after she learns his deceased brother’s only child is missing. Using her psychic abilities in a capacity she has never done before, she sets off on a course to find her daughters’ only cousin.

Tracy is driven to save the girl and try to redeem her confidence in lieu of the life she couldn’t save. Will Tracy only recover a deceased body, yet again? Or will she actually be able to complete a rescue?

What is a book review?

What is a book review?  A short synopsis of your opinion about the story you read. Amazon rates the book by the stars it receives along with how many copies are sold. Book review sites offer their own version of review guidelines. The sure-fire way to let an author know how much you appreciate their storytelling is to leave a review.

Twenty years ago I did reviews for a site that reviewed romance novels only.  We had a three-

Armchair Ghost Hunting by Cynthia Carver
Armchair Ghost Hunting Cynthia Carver

paragraph of three sentences for each paragraph.  The first paragraph was our opinion of the female main character. The second included information about the male main character. Followed by the last paragraph as a short overview of the story. To this review formula, I added a fourth-paragraph that begin, why I liked/disliked the story.

The like or dislike opinion might include information about bad editing which had nothing to do with the author and all about the editing or publishing company.  In today’s market where the independent author might have used an independent editor, I would not rate the book on the lousy edits but I will mention s/he might want to change editors in the future.  Should I contact the author before leaving the review? Maybe, though the difference might not show up for six months or so.

Focus on the characters and storyline for a review with a short paragraph about why you like or dislike the book.  Leave a rating without the focus on editing and your comment will be well received.

My books can be found on kindle unlimited.


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Why did I collaborate The Missing Locket

Why did I collaborate with Renee Pellegrino to write the novelette, “The Missing Locket”?  That’s an easy answer.  Her story had an open-ended question that could not be answered and wasn’t the main focus of her story.  The collaboration allowed each of us to write our characters in our voice.  And what better way to find out what happened to a deceased person than to hold a seance focused on that person.
Our original goal remains the same, we want to offer “The Missing Locket” as a FREE read.  We thought that would be possible through Amazon as we witnessed other authors offering free reads via Amazon.  Our account doesn’t allow us that option.  We’ve made it available for $0.99 USD.
When Amazon allows it, we will offer it Free, otherwise, we recommend reading it on KU just remember it is written in two distinctive voices.  You get a sample of Renee’s voice as well as mine.
Am I open to collaborating another book as part of the Seance Series?  Yes, I am.  What do you have in mind?

The Missing Locket – The Séance Series

The Missing Locket, The Seance Series, Tracy Richards, Cynthia Carver, Renee Pellegrino
The Missing Locket
Séance Series
Cynthia Carver
Renee Pellegrino


Eileen Thompson went missing when her son, Sam Thompson was fourteen years old. After years of investigations, law enforcement and private investigators found not a single trace of this respectable, reliable mother. The question lingered, what happened to Eileen Thompson?

Callie Prescot Sanchez and Danielle Galluccio Thompson characters from Because of You by Renee Pellegrino, reached out to psychic investigator Tracy Richards, a character from Small Bit of Justice by Cynthia Carver, to uncover information recovered during a seance that answered that specific question.

Each author writes their perceptive characters. This novella has two distinct voices.

Enjoy the thrilling adventures in The Missing Locket – The Seance Series is a collaboration blending two authors and their fictional world.  This novelette is available as a paperback, ebook, and Kindle Unlimited.

Armchair Ghost Hunting

Armchair Ghost Hunting by Cynthia Carver
Armchair Ghost Hunting by Cynthia Carver


Many of you, might remember when I created a short PDF of this same name.  This booklet is an improved version.  Not only does it have the original links, but I’ve also included Amazon Affiliate links to the equipment I use in organized ghost hunts.

Because I know a few of you wanted the PDF in paper form, this is now a booklet with the links in a short format at the end of the book.
After debating whether those who aren’t familiar with me would enjoy this booklet, I gave it a chance.
For the clients that respond, ‘Oh I could never do that.’  This is a non-scary book about ghost hunting.  You sit in the comfort of your own home, at your own computer and you watch for the ghost to appear.  Some links will request for you to screenshot your ghost sighting and send it to them.  They are very proud of the work you do from your armchair.  You won’t need any of the tools listed when you hunt from your armchair.