Summer Writer’s Retreat – FR33

Morning Muses on Clubhouse will host their Annual Summer Writer’s Retreat on August 12, 13, & 14. Download the mobile app Clubhouse from the Google Store or Apple Store. This is an audio app only. Yes, you may come in your jammies.

Step 1 – download the app

Step 2 – Join the club, “Creative Juice Bar”

Step 3 – Participate in the Morning Muse CH rooms. Introduce yourself and share where you viewed the flyer

Summer Writers Retreat

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Kindle Fire and Kindle Unlimited Books

You might ask why I am an advocate for Kindle Fire when the other Kindles are more economical.  My daughters bought me my first Kindle Fire without ad’s nearly a decade ago. I joined BookBub for free books and 99cent books. Then in 2014 Kindle Unlimited hit the market and opened up a lot more books, and has been my go-to since then.

You may say I’d rather get my books on Audible and that is certainly an option. What if the book you want to listen to is an ebook only? That is where your Kindle Fire becomes your friend. It is the only Kindle that I am aware of that has the audio option. Sure it is computer generated, but out of the

To enable the text to speech, tap the three dots in the upper right hand corner, additional settings, scroll down and tap the Text to Speech option to the on position.  Return to the book you want to hear read to you, tap in the middle of the screen and the audio bar is on the bottom.  On this bar you can adjust speed of the reader. I like the 1x speed  because I listen slowly 🙂

To change the voices, go into your settings and look for Keyboard Language menu, then Text to Speech, Salli and Joey are the Default USA English options but Brian is the GBR English option. You can download additional voices, too. I use the Salli voice on the 1x speed.

If you are learning to read English, you can download a book with the audio and Kindle Fire will highlight the words as it reads it to you.

Kindle Unlimited is a membership for free for 30 days and then $9.99 +tax thereafter. Giving you unlimited kindle books on this platform. (if the book you want to read is not on this platform, there are plenty of others to choose from). So far, I have only found two authors not listed in Kindle Unlimited (KU), I’m sure there are others. This month alone I have read almost thirty books. A different one each night. After each book you are given the option to do a review. This is always appreciated by the authors and other readers.

Kindle Unlimited pays the author by the book pages you read. If you get a book with 204 pages, read 5 and decide you don’t like the story, you may return it and select another book.Unlimited times! Also, if you like one so well you want to read it again, you can at no additional cost.

Excellent news for parents, there are children’s books available through this program, too. Whether your child is 4 or 14, the option for voracious book readers are here.

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Rebels and Readers 2022

You are invited to Rebels and Readers Event at the Doubletree Hilton in Huntington, WV on November 4 & 5, 2022.  #RARAE2022   BACK TO THE FUTURE.

Due to a cancellation, I was admitted as an Attending Author and I am ecstatic. My compassion goes to the author I am replacing because of a conflict she experienced.

Along with my novels and novellas, I’ll have journals and pendulums like the heroine, Tracy Richards, uses in the stories. The journals have scenes and an excerpt from book two in the series.

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New covers

The updates were made to Small Bit of Justice and The Missing Locket. I enjoyed the new covers and the new edits on the story lines.

Cynthia Carver, Author, Paranormal, Suspense, Mystic Realism

I have Halloween Masquerade being edited again and ordered a new cover for it.  Shamaness in Silhouette will be released every two weeks after the novella five is edited. Then To Call a Maverick, the love story between Maverick and Ren will have its turn to be edited and published.  This year I’ll see many releases

February 2022

Can you believe it has been four months since I did an update? Why you might ask and I’ve successfully moved into my new rig, had the electric arms of the awning installed, added 1600 watts of solar to the roof, and helped complete the memorial for my friend Mike Ardanaz aka The High Desert Ranger. Whew! Busy, busy.

Now, on to finishing books, setting up book events, and looking for a fan who wants to move into the position as a Personal Assistant. Find me at Patreon, Instagram, or Facebook.

I’ve updated the Events page and please keep updated weekly by joining my newsletter.


the Writing Process

The Writing Process – Preptopber 13, 2021


Also known as a habit, whether you develop the practice of writing ten pages a day or continue with the speed of NaNoWriMo at One thousand six hundred sixty seven words a day, the key to being an accomplished writer in my point of view is to continue with one story until it is finished. 

If you can not finish the story, and you constantly go on to the next story idea you have, oftentimes you will find other authors no longer take you seriously in the craft of writing. 

Consistency with word count – Five hundred words consistently written each day will produce a One hundred eighty-five thousand five hundred word tomb by the end of the year.

Regularity with page counts – two pages written each day will produce a seven hundred thirty page epic saga by the end of the year.

Viscosity – using a flow of time to create words of fifteen minutes a day, will produce at least a novel by the end of the year. 

Bullet points to strive for: 

  • Consistency – word count, page count, allotted time
  • Consistency – page count, allotted time, word count
  • Consistency – allotted time, word count, page count
  • Follow through and type “The End” or “The End for Now”


Write for the story. Do not get attached to the outcome of your story. Let me explain, if your goal is two pages a day or five hundred words, sometimes dialogue will fall short of that five hundred, yet you have a full two pages.

So open up your document, set it to your favorite font or use one of mine (Merriweather, Book Antique, Crimson Text) and 12 px font.

Have fun writing and building a new habit.

Books, Books, Books

September brings another chance for my east coast readers to meet me in person.  This event, originally scheduled for Harrisburg, PA has moved to Carlisle, PA.  I hope to see you there.

RV challenges

Life is challenging, whether you are in an apartment, house, or RV motorhome. I, finally, found a shop that had the knowledge to fix Lucy the Shark. The suspension is being repaired, she is getting an alignment and new brakes. According to Paul at Acme Springs in Dayton, Ohio, she will be returned to me sometime this week. He has been super about keeping me updated.

The riverfront campsite I rented for the year, I won’t be renting next year. Jim, successfully sold the campground last Friday and the new owners will take full possession on October 11. Tonya, the new owner informed me last night they wanted to ‘rent’ my site, that I have a yearly contract and paid a year in advance, to overnighters since I was not using it.  Excuse me? After explaining my rig was in the shop, she got even more snippy about why I wouldn’t allow her to rent my spot to temporary overnighters. Needless to say, I won’t renew my contract with these folks.

While that sounds icky and sour, I am not. I was taken aback by her attitude, but in my world, something better is coming along.  Originally I wanted closer to my girls during the summer and will begin looking in the one-hour travel time area today.

The improvements with Lucy are beyond groovy. The fifty-five-inch television is totally hidden within the cabinet that still needs painting. Then the living room will be totally done except for a throw rug. Joe and Cleo love the couch.

Remember the wobbly driver’s seat? Well, the new pedestal arrived and is ready for install when Acme Springs is done with Lucy’s new suspension and brakes. I decided to wait on actual new captain chairs for now.

Moving into the bedroom area, all curtains and decor have arrived. I’ll paint the walls, but not the woodwork.

Oh, you may or may not know, Jeeps have Easter Eggs. For example, my #2 daughter’s C-7 has a spider embossed in the gas tank door and a lizard someplace else.  This gave me the idea to put USN and Shark-themed puffy stickers in out-of-the-way, fun places for the grandchildren to discover on their visits with Grammy. Oh yeah, the four-year-old sings Grammy Shark when she visits.

Will I repaint the Shark? Yes. She is fun and draws attention, but the paint is flaking and I will need to repaint her next year. My focus this year was getting her upgraded for me to travel in. I’m thinking cream and blue for the exterior. Although, I did consider a vinyl wrap, except they only last about seven years.

Let me know your thoughts about future improvements.  Photos of the interior will arrive when she is returned to me and we get settled at the river.

Successful wishes to you!


My new-to-me RV

These last couple of exciting months have provided me with the sale of my old class C RV and a new-to-me RV. As some of you know from my meanderings, in 2017 I was suppose to purchase a Class A Rexall that my friend had renovated and that fell through when she decided to keep it.  It had the floor plan I dreamed of and zero slide-ins to have anything go wrong. Then 2021 came along and another buddy had a lifestyle change and decided to sell her RV.  I hired Vagabond RV Solutions to do an inspection and bought my airline ticket to go retrieve my new to me RV with slide outs. My old class C sold in less than two days after I put it on Facebook Marketplace. I had my license plates in hand and ready to get my new home. Well, my luck did not hold out and she reneged on the sale two days before my scheduled flight making me houseless.

On the upside of things, I have an RV site on the river for my spring/summer time in Ohio. I love my spot on river.  When it rains on the river and floods, I will then move to my home in the hollow or travel. So far, I haven’t spent any time on the river due to decorating and making the RV I did purchase mine.

Things really looked sad in June when things were falling apart left and right. I’m so glad I took the set backs in stride and began looking again.  My eldest says, “Mom, let’s go look at this one.” I told her I was looking for a condo and not a quan set hut. Then we went to see what this offered.

Ignoring the custom paint job, I viewed the interior.  It is not the Rexall, but it is a close runner up.  The floor is wood plank.

The front seats swivel for additional seating. The fold out table against the wall at one time had a chair beside it. The TV is the Panasonic in the cockpit dash. The walls and upholstery were denim blue-gray. I felt as if I had stepped on to a USN ship once again.

Fast forward. I bought it after I had my mechanic check it over.  Now, unlike the Class C, he can not work on it because it is 34 feet long and a tri-axle. It has a Chevy workhorse chassie and a 454 engine, plus an aluminum frame and roof. It is a 1990 Holiday Rambler Imperial, that sports a custom paint job in a classic rendition of the WW2, Bomber aircraft.

Say hello to Lucy Shark, and her theme song is the verse: Grammy Shark, doo doo doo doo doo.

Next Blog post will be a tour inside of her since I have made her mine.