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2 – Writing Tools – a walk in the woods

Today our focus is on you, the writer, the author. This is where we offer tips and tricks on goal setting, time management, and accountability. Along with the occasional author-help interview.

If you haven’t been here before, and even if you have, WELCOME! My name is Cynthia Carver. Our podcasts on how to write it, edit it, and publish it. Then market it. And that’s your book we’re talking about. If you like this type of video or podcasts, do give a thumbs up, poke subscribe and the bell.  Now, let’s get to it . . . 

Welcome to Stop! Just Write …  where writers meet inspiration.

Let’s talk about tools today.  The only thing you need to begin with is your imagination, a pencil or pen, and a notebook. Most of us have laptops either PC or Mac, iPads or a tablet Phone. Each comes with a basic word processor.  On my iPad I have downloaded google doc’s and it’s free, connected to my gmail account. That means I have the ability to pick up where I left off on a different machine. My Galaxy Note also has google docs and Samsung Notes. Google allows me to switch between devices and Samsung Notes I had to transfer as in retype it into a document. There are open source word processors that are free and you don’t have to pay for with a large one time sum or the monthly payments of other processors.  MacBook has Pages and a PC can download Open Office can save files into a .docx if you need to send a WORD file to your editor if need be. Microsoft Word is a subscription fee or a yearly fee and can only be used online if you are an Apple user. 

Writing off line is often less distracting. Google allows you to save to G-Drive. My favorite is using a stenographer’s pad. I write on one side of the pages until I get to the end of the book, flip it over and continue writing. This allows me to set it up like a tent and transcribe from it. This is an easy format for me, as I was taught over half a decade ago to transcribe this way.

Formatting. You’ll need one inch margins on the left and right hand side, one inch from the top and one and one-half from the bottom. Set your margins before you begin your document. You’ll thank yourself later.  The next step is to choose 1.5 or double line spacing. This allows for your editor to read it easily.

When you begin to think about grammar, I suggest ProWritingAid or Grammarly. Don’t use both together. You might think it would be a better option to use both of them together, that is a strong nope. They contradict each other. Is that wrong? No. They are both correct in their own consistent manner.They will really confuse you if you decide you want to use both of them, especially as a new writer not secure in their grammar. Just choose one or the other.  My choice was ProWritingAid with the paid lifetime and I used the discount at the end of November when they offered NaNoWriMo winners a substantial discount. 

Next thing to work on is getting all of your social media under one name. This is whether you plan on becoming an Indy Author, Traditional Author, or a Vanity Press author. You will need all the ways to contact you under one name that is not the name of your book. For example, when you look for me on Instagram you will find me there under Cynthia Carver, and on twitter my username is Cynthia underscore Carver. When you look for your name, if it is already taken, consider adding author or books behind your name or Books by your name. But with the consistency of your name, like my name with the underscore and author added to it, you can find me by searching for my name. Plus use the same profile picture across the internet. This will allow your readers to find you by the correct name because they will see the same photo they associate with you.  Also, consider purchasing your URL. That’s your address dot com.  Purchasing only the URL and nothing else will keep your costs down, secure your name choice, and you can redirect it without additional cost to your social media platform of choice. The last but not least important is setting up your free LINKTR.EE account and putting all your social media links and URL in one spot. Again, I used CynthiaCarver and it’s there for easy searching results. Then I have all my links; youtube, social media, Amazon Author page, right there in one spot. You may not need it yet, but get it and secure your author name of choice.

Did you watch yesterday’s video? How many words can you type in twenty minutes? Oh, you don’t like to type or it takes so long with the hunt and peak system, well guess what? Google doc’s has a voice typing option under tools and a word count meter under tools. The voice option takes a while to train your computer to get your word pronunciations consistently. It took me about six weeks to train mine and it gets better the more I use it. 

I know that I can type between 80 and 100 words a minute. Typing while thinking of the story, sometimes I have to stop and think about what the character will say, do, respond, and during those times my typing slows down while my mind configures those scenes. I went to school a half century ago when typing was taught on manual typewriters, and I was very slow. I remember then learning on an electric typewriter and felt as if my fingers were flying across the keys at 60 words per minute. When the computer came along, I pounded the keyboard. I had to retrain myself for a lighter, faster touch. 

We’ve gone over word processors, you’re gonna need one. If you don’t have a word processor, get a notebook system that works for you. Mine is the stenographer pad so that I can set them up tent style and transcribe from them. Second was your author name on the URL and all your social media. Place them all under one name. Make it easy for your readers to find you. Third, ProWritingAid or Grammarly. It doesn’t matter which you choose. And if now is too soon, put that on your Writer’s Wish List for purchase later on or wait for November and aim at completing NaNoWriMo to get the discount there. Set up your NaNoWriMo.org account, again under your author name.

Thats it for today; Word processor, Social Media under one name, the name you will be writing under, Grammarly or ProWritingAid or put it in your Writer’s Wish List for later.

A side note. My first novel I wrote for NaNoWriMo, didn’t make sense. It was missing chapters, my last chapter first, and it had the 50,000 words. That’s 1, 667 words a day. And if you missed a day, it had to be made up the next day or in chunks.

Thank you so much for your time. It’s very much appreciated. If you liked what I had to say, share the video. Don’t forget to subscribe, click the bell and poke the thumbs up. Follow us. Our links are in the description below. Stay creative and keep writing.

Cynthia Carver, writes magickal realism paranormal, starring a psychic investigator. NaNoWriMo, Preptober, and Edit-ary we cover it all, and sometimes in order.

Aliya DalRae, writes paranormal romance and urban fantasy, featuring shifters and vampires. This channel is based on fiction, paranormal, and creative writing.

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Author Talk – Stop! Just Write.


1 – Staying Productive

Welcome to Tracy’s Cafe where writers meet inspiration. Today our focus is on you, the writer, the author. This is where we give tips and tricks on goal setting, time management, and accountability along with the occasional author-help interview.


If you haven’t been here before, or even if you have, Welcome. My name is Cynthia. We do podcasts on how to write it, edit it, and publish it and then market it. And that’s your book we’re talking about.


If you like this type of video or podcast, do give us a thumbs up, poke the subscribe button, and click the bell. 


Today I want to talk about wanting to write your book. Maybe you have one that is already started, maybe it’s just your dream to start writing it and then you think, Oh my gosh I’ll never be able to write that many words. Let me help you chunk it down. First off, lets don’t get overwhelmed with word counts. We have different counts, if you write a novella that is a different word count than if you write a novel or an Epic Fantasy. Let’s don’t be concerned with the outcome, let’s focus on 250 words a day. That’s not really that much. Blog posts are usually 300 – 500 words, you get some that get rather long winded and write 1,500 words. But for the most part it’s 300 to 500 words.


Sabrina – I’ll introduced them as they walk across the screen.


Whether or not you want to write a long book or short, a novella or an actual novel. What we want to do is for you to find the sweet spot for your writing. Writing 20 minutes a day without a goal of how many words you write, could be.


There are a couple of writing not virtual conferences (Events) , Nanowrimo is one of them. National Novel Writing Month and it’s in November. They recommend you write 1,667 words a day. That might not be you, You might only want to write half that or to challenge yourself you only want to write 600 words a day. There are Prep-tober, and we will do preptober on this channel too. It begins in October. And it allows you to sit down and plot out your novel. But it gives you a road map as to where you want to be at the end of November. And then we have edit-ary. It is where you skip the month of December and you don’t write that month. Then you come back in January and you edit the story you wrote.


When I first started twenty years ago, I got caught up in the habits of successful authors. I would write five pages and then edit the heck out of them and that’s what I did. I edited so much my story wasn’t there. Then I would go through and do it again. So the advice I was taking from very successful authors did not work for me. What does work for me, is writing and not editing, then going through it by reading over it, tweaking the sentences, paragraphs or different scenes and then going through it yet again.  I will go through it about three times. And if I feel like it is a pretty good story but maybe the grammar isn’t right, then I will send it off to my editor.


That will be another video on how to choose an editor, one that works best with you. 


Chunking your time, if you are not one of these people who can sit down with a planner and account for each hour of the day. Make a list of six things you know what six items you are going to dedicate 15 – 20 minutes a day to0, and you can check them off. You will find yourself more productive if you are not a rigid planner. I’m not a rigid planner. 


What else did I want to talk about? (looking over notes) Genres. Don’t be concerned about your genre. Just tell your story. At the end of your story, have someone that is more versed in genre you should label your story as. I did not have any clue what my story genre was, I thought it might be thriller. I was wrong. It was more of a suspense. We knew who the bad guys were to begin with, but how they were going to get caught? So don’t worry about it, just write it.


And with that being said, That’s it for today. Decide how many words you are going to do, and if that doesn’t work decide how long you are going to write. If you only have 15 minutes before you head out to work? Do you want to write over two cups of coffee? And we will see you tomorrow. Because this is where we are going to focus on your book, you write it, you edit it, you market it and we are here to help you along the way.


So if you like the video, please subscribe, click the reminder bell, leave us a comment or share. Until next time, happy writing, stay creative.

Cynthia Carver, writes magickal realism paranormal, starring a psychic investigator. NaNoWriMo, Preptober, and Edit-ary will be cover it, and sometimes in order.

Aliya DalRae, writes paranormal romance and urban fantasy, featuring shifters and vampires. This channel is based on fiction, paranormal, and creative writing.

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Summer Writer’s Retreat – FR33

Morning Muses on Clubhouse will host their Annual Summer Writer’s Retreat on August 12, 13, & 14. Download the mobile app Clubhouse from the Google Store or Apple Store. This is an audio app only. Yes, you may come in your jammies.

Step 1 – download the app

Step 2 – Join the club, “Creative Juice Bar”

Step 3 – Participate in the Morning Muse CH rooms. Introduce yourself and share where you viewed the flyer

Summer Writers Retreat

Clubhouse, Summer Writers Retreat, Creative Juice Bar

Kindle Fire and Kindle Unlimited Books

You might ask why I am an advocate for Kindle Fire when the other Kindles are more economical.  My daughters bought me my first Kindle Fire without ad’s nearly a decade ago. I joined BookBub for free books and 99cent books. Then in 2014 Kindle Unlimited hit the market and opened up a lot more books, and has been my go-to since then.

You may say I’d rather get my books on Audible and that is certainly an option. What if the book you want to listen to is an ebook only? That is where your Kindle Fire becomes your friend. It is the only Kindle that I am aware of that has the audio option. Sure it is computer generated, but out of the

To enable the text to speech, tap the three dots in the upper right hand corner, additional settings, scroll down and tap the Text to Speech option to the on position.  Return to the book you want to hear read to you, tap in the middle of the screen and the audio bar is on the bottom.  On this bar you can adjust speed of the reader. I like the 1x speed  because I listen slowly 🙂

To change the voices, go into your settings and look for Keyboard Language menu, then Text to Speech, Salli and Joey are the Default USA English options but Brian is the GBR English option. You can download additional voices, too. I use the Salli voice on the 1x speed.

If you are learning to read English, you can download a book with the audio and Kindle Fire will highlight the words as it reads it to you.

Kindle Unlimited is a membership for free for 30 days and then $9.99 +tax thereafter. Giving you unlimited kindle books on this platform. (if the book you want to read is not on this platform, there are plenty of others to choose from). So far, I have only found two authors not listed in Kindle Unlimited (KU), I’m sure there are others. This month alone I have read almost thirty books. A different one each night. After each book you are given the option to do a review. This is always appreciated by the authors and other readers.

Kindle Unlimited pays the author by the book pages you read. If you get a book with 204 pages, read 5 and decide you don’t like the story, you may return it and select another book.Unlimited times! Also, if you like one so well you want to read it again, you can at no additional cost.

Excellent news for parents, there are children’s books available through this program, too. Whether your child is 4 or 14, the option for voracious book readers are here.

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Rebels and Readers 2022

You are invited to Rebels and Readers Event at the Doubletree Hilton in Huntington, WV on November 4 & 5, 2022.  #RARAE2022   BACK TO THE FUTURE.

Due to a cancellation, I was admitted as an Attending Author and I am ecstatic. My compassion goes to the author I am replacing because of a conflict she experienced.

Along with my novels and novellas, I’ll have journals and pendulums like the heroine, Tracy Richards, uses in the stories. The journals have scenes and an excerpt from book two in the series.

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New covers

The updates were made to Small Bit of Justice and The Missing Locket. I enjoyed the new covers and the new edits on the story lines.

Cynthia Carver, Author, Paranormal, Suspense, Mystic Realism

I have Halloween Masquerade being edited again and ordered a new cover for it.  Shamaness in Silhouette will be released every two weeks after the novella five is edited. Then To Call a Maverick, the love story between Maverick and Ren will have its turn to be edited and published.  This year I’ll see many releases

February 2022

Can you believe it has been four months since I did an update? Why you might ask and I’ve successfully moved into my new rig, had the electric arms of the awning installed, added 1600 watts of solar to the roof, and helped complete the memorial for my friend Mike Ardanaz aka The High Desert Ranger. Whew! Busy, busy.

Now, on to finishing books, setting up book events, and looking for a fan who wants to move into the position as a Personal Assistant. Find me at Patreon, Instagram, or Facebook.

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the Writing Process

The Writing Process – Preptopber 13, 2021


Also known as a habit, whether you develop the practice of writing ten pages a day or continue with the speed of NaNoWriMo at One thousand six hundred sixty seven words a day, the key to being an accomplished writer in my point of view is to continue with one story until it is finished. 

If you can not finish the story, and you constantly go on to the next story idea you have, oftentimes you will find other authors no longer take you seriously in the craft of writing. 

Consistency with word count – Five hundred words consistently written each day will produce a One hundred eighty-five thousand five hundred word tomb by the end of the year.

Regularity with page counts – two pages written each day will produce a seven hundred thirty page epic saga by the end of the year.

Viscosity – using a flow of time to create words of fifteen minutes a day, will produce at least a novel by the end of the year. 

Bullet points to strive for: 

  • Consistency – word count, page count, allotted time
  • Consistency – page count, allotted time, word count
  • Consistency – allotted time, word count, page count
  • Follow through and type “The End” or “The End for Now”


Write for the story. Do not get attached to the outcome of your story. Let me explain, if your goal is two pages a day or five hundred words, sometimes dialogue will fall short of that five hundred, yet you have a full two pages.

So open up your document, set it to your favorite font or use one of mine (Merriweather, Book Antique, Crimson Text) and 12 px font.

Have fun writing and building a new habit.

Books, Books, Books

September brings another chance for my east coast readers to meet me in person.  This event, originally scheduled for Harrisburg, PA has moved to Carlisle, PA.  I hope to see you there.