Alternative scene from Small Bit of Justice

Small Bit of Justice is written in the first person point of view of Tracy Richards. This scene was deleted because I wrote it from Sylvester’s point of view. Enjoy.


Annie and Hillary continued to sit on the embankment. Dominick flashed his badge and identification.

“Ladies, you’re safe now.” Sly took in the scene’s entirety before him.

“Show me your badge again. I want to know that it is real and not from the dime store.” Dominick held it for Hillary to examine. “See, I knew it was F-N fake. No one from the damn United Nations would care if I got kidnapped or not.” Hillary snorted, mouthing to Annie, ‘I knew it.’

Two highway patrol cars parked behind the van, Sylvester’s truck, and one zipped around to park in front of the van. Dominick showed his badge to the officers and Sylvester produced his identification. “We’re looking for two women in a ‘70 orange MG. They go by the name of Tracy Richards and Lehana Jamison,” Dominick told the officers.

“What you want them for?” Hillary didn’t trust the men, especially if they were trying to interfere with the women that saved Annie and her.

“Have you seen them, Miss?” the state highway patrolman said.

“Yes, they’re the ones who rescued Annie and me.”

“They did this?” the state highway patrolman asked, “the two women?”

“Yes.” Annie said.

The state highway patrol officers hauled the men out of the van, laughing.

“Two women did this?” repeated the officer who took charge of the scene.

“Yes, sir,” Annie said again.

“That Tracy put herself in danger irritates the hell out of me. Yet to see the men trussed up like goats at the rodeo makes me proud to know she has skills.” Sly said to Dominick.

“Officers, we’ll take our leave to continue our search for those two vigilantes. Girls, I’m glad you’re safe and will reunite with your families in a few hours.” Dominick said.

He and Sly returned to the truck.

“Let’s go.” Dominick maneuvered the truck around the patrol cars and pulled out onto the highway.

As they passed the next exit, there sat the battery removed from the van. They both laughed.