AI and other musings

It’s all the rage, use AI ‘they’ say. It’s quicker and blah blah blah.  But do YOU really know where the AI gets all their information for your articles, books, or podcast transcript descriptions?

Articles and books also the art, is plagiarized. AI has scrubbed the web for art and words and then uses them for your prompt article, story, or art. Sure you can take AI articles and rewrite them yet again, but why not just write them by yourself the first time? Why take the chance of copyright fraud? Or worse yet, having a ‘fan’ read your work only to realize they had read it before by a different author?

Art is the same way. Many have the words Getty, iStockphoto, FuriousFotog scrambled into the AI artwork.

I may need to make a game out of the mistakes that I leave in my published works.

Other musings – As always on the top of my list is becoming more consistent. Shamaness in Silhouette Book 4 is now finished and going through the edits. There is not an ETA on its being published live. I published a new youtube video on Roaming Raven RV.